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Stranded Container Freight off the Coast of British Columbia

Without any power, a Russian freight liner is drifting around the ocean somewhere off the coast of British Columbia. The ship had departed from Everett, Washington and was headed to Russia before losing power along Canada’s coast. The ship transporting f fuel along with some mining equipment. There is a rescue helicopter on standby in case any crew members need to be evacuated, although that is not the primary fear of the public and Canadian government.

 People are concerned that the ship may drift towards the shore of British Columbia and crash, causing an oil spill of epic proportions. The container ship is currently transporting 450 tons of fuel and the threat of the container ship spilling oil into the ocean is very prevalent considering rocky shore of British Columbia. An oil spill of this size would not be good for the environment, to say the least. Although, officials do believe that wind direction, along with some other factors may help prevent the ship from crashing.

ILWU and PMC Contract Negotiations Update

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and Pacific Maritime Association (PMC) announced today that they have reached a provisional agreement concerning health benefits for the Longshoremen. This was a major issue involving the disagreement between these two parties. An understanding being reached in this lengthy controversy is a good indication that a compromise is on the horizon, which will allow huge sigh of relief from all of the industries affected by the this conflict (which is a lot of businesses). Although, it needs to be stated that agreements in other areas of this new contract between the ILWU and PMC still need to be sorted as talks continue between both parties.

Update: Weather Conditions in North Chile

Harsh weather conditions in Northern Chile have caused delays across the ports of Iquique, Arica, and Antofagasta. While Carriers are still making shipments through these ports, some vessels are actually rerouting or rescheduling their passages and departure times. You can call us here at Sea Cargo Inc. if you have any questions or issues regarding this information.

Pakistan Thinks Outside the Container, Puts Them to Good Use

Political parties in Pakistan have begun to heavily incorporate shipping containers into their organization’s needs. The current form of government, who have placed Nawaz Sharif as their Prime Minister, are using shipping containers to blockade roads where people have started to rally in protest of the current political party in office. Other rising political parties, such as the Khan, have begun to use shipping containers as shelter to help them accomplish longer and more effective sit-ins where they protest against the government. These shipping containers that act as temporary homes may also be used as “soapboxes” to stand upon and more efficient deliver the message of their political ideals.

All in all, it is an interesting situation for us in the shipping industry to observe a multitude of cargo containers being utilized in ways we never might have thought were feasible. Now that these containers are being applied to the needs of political parties, who knows what market will open beyond the demands of shipping goods across the globe.

From Within or Without

A question many businesses have when looking into software systems for logistics purposes is, “Should we build it, or should we buy it?” When it comes down to determining a final solution there is simply no wrong answer, although there are some tips that may help your company decide whether to insource or

outsource certain technologies:

·         Is the existing operating system underdeveloped or too costly to be considered feasible?

·         Does the operation that you wish to create provide you with some sort of competitive advantage?

·         What is the (predicted) “return on investment” over a short or long period of time?

·         How will this reconstruction influence the day to day operation of your business?

·         How will this transformation affect your customers in the short term?

·         How much effort must be exerted in order to change the current system?

The list goes on.

      Ultimately, once either decision has been made, the most crucial issue is to properly execute and apply the capabilities of whatever path you have chosen to

embark. That is to say, if not enough resources are allocated to either building your own equipment or utilizing the product of another, then you will always see

failure as an aftereffect of your shortcomings.


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